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Board of directors

Alberta Hatching Egg Producers establishes programs and policies through member consultation, which ultimately regulate the production of broiler hatching eggs in the province. 

Vision and Mission

The Alberta Hatching Egg Producers are committed to providing the industry with superior quality eggs while continuing to foster profitable growth.

Our Priorities

  1. Managing Domestic Supply
  2. National Overproduction Strategy/Western Strategy
  3. Industry Stability
  4. Producer Engagement
  5. Industry Trust

Our mission is:

  • To ensure the availability of a high quality hatching egg and chick by encouraging and promoting high standards and efficient practices throughout the hatching egg industry
  • To provide an economic environment for the profitable production of broiler hatching eggs.
  • To provide input into the agricultural policy regulatory environment and general agricultural policies impacting broiler hatching eggs

Foster confidence in the hatching egg industry through effective communications and by building co-operative relationships with other stakeholders in the poultry industry value chain.