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Alberta Hatching Egg Producers establishes programs and policies through member consultation, which ultimately regulate the production of broiler hatching eggs in the province.

Broiler hatching egg production in Alberta is a regulated industry which is governed under Alberta Marketing of Agricultural Products Act. The AHEP Board’s authority is established through the Alberta Marketing of Agricultural Products Act.

Gary van Klei

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Cora Scheele

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Brian Wassink

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Natasja van der Rijt

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Jeff Notenbomer

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Our Staff

Bob Smook

General Manager
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Nancy Robinson

Assistant Manager
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Jesse Hunter

Producer Services & Programs
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Chelsea Kamprath

Office Coordinator
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Executive & Committees


AHEP Chair: Gary Van Klei

AHEP Vice Chair: Cora Scheele


Alberta Chicken Producers Advisory: Brian Wassink

MOU Chick Pricing: Gary van Klei, Jeff Notenbomer, Alternate: Brian Wassink

Continuous Improvement Committee: Brian Wassink, Gary van Klei, Alternate: Jeff Notenbomer.

Balance of Supply: Jeff Notenbomer, Natasja van der Rijt

Growth Policy Committee: Alberta Hatching Egg Producers Board of Directors

Supply Chain Management Committee: Natasja van der Rijt, Nancy Robinson

Alberta Farm Animal Care: Cora Scheele

Intensive Livestock Working Group: Cora Scheele, Natasja van der Rijt

Ag Coalition: Cora Scheele, Brian Wassink

Poultry Research Centre Committee: Cora Scheele, Jeff Notenbomer

Emergency Management Plan: Natasja van der Rijt

Promotions and Trade Fairs: Cora Scheele, Nancy Robinson,

Policy & Regulations Review Committee: Natasja van der Rijt, Nancy Robinson, Bob Smook

Poultry Insurance Exchange: Vern Crawford

Agri-Environmental Partnership of Alberta: SM4 Group

National Representatives

Canadian Hatching Egg Producers
Gary van Klei, Director
Jeff Notenbomer, Alternate

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